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Rat Salad began with Brian Meyer (guitar) and Sally Freels (bass) in 2005.  The first incarnation, a

tribute to both Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin with Frank Musso (vocals) and Bill Healy (drums),

started performing in January 2006.  In late 2007, Frank Musso left the band and with him our partial

focus on Led Zeppelin.  Joel Sieracki became our new Ozzy in 2008.  Our sequence of drummers went

from Bill Healy to Dennis Dougherty (2007), to Frank Sanchez (2008), and finally to Paul Maczka who

became our drummer in 2010.  In June of 2013, founding member Brian Meyer stepped down as

guitarist.  In January of 2014 Rich Jaremka joined as guitarist and the current incarnation of Rat Salad

began to perform in August of 2014.


We are devoted to recreating the classic albums of Black Sabbath from their 1970s Ozzy era.  It is a

rewarding pleasure to work on this great music and to share it with our live performances. 


Come out and see us!

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